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Narayan R. Hulamani


n r hulamaniShri Narayan Hula­mani was born in 1930, Sep­tem­ber at the vil­lage Kerur of Badami Taluk and Bijapur Dis­trict, In 1953 He had com­pleted diploma in com­merce at Bagalkot. He had worked in Basavesh­war Vidyavard­hak Sangha upto 10 years. Narayan was believed in mantra “Work is Work­ship”. In 1962 He entered into the field of indus­try and estab­lished the indus­try of man­u­fac­tur­ing plas­tic bags in Bagalkot. That was first and fore­most indus­try in whole Uttarkar­nataka at that time.

Narayan was very ambi­tious, he was obstructed by many prob­lems but his firm deter­mi­na­tion made him an emi­nent indus­tri­al­ist. With an aim to make the peo­ple self-reliant; Narayan estab­lished indus­try of man­u­fac­tur­ing plas­tic cov­ers and files. In 1972 his indus­try unit was expanded towards Dhar­wad and Hubli. He went to Tai­wan, Japan, China and Thai­land to study fur­ther indus­trial expan­sion. Narayan con­tin­ued his efforts with­out any inter­rup­tion. He had made sig­nif­i­cant effort to estab­lished model of indus­trial colony under new indus­trial pol­icy of Kar­nataka Government .

Social Life : At his early life he was socially involved. Few indus­tri­al­ist ascend to the Narayan and even fewer ascend to that level at such an early age. In 1942 dur­ing free­dom move­ment stu­dent fed­er­a­tion was led by Narayan. In his ser­vice he had worked in dif­fer­ent lev­els of admin­is­tra­tions. Narayan ded­i­cated his self less ser­vice as an direc­tor of Gov­ern­ment indus­trial bank upto 6 years. He became the chair­man of small scale indus­trial intu­itions of Bijapur district.

Dur­ing the time of Devaraj Aras admin­is­tra­tion for another six year he sac­ri­ficed his ser­vice as a mem­ber of small scale indus­trial com­mit­tee. He was hon­ored by admin­is­tra­tor Devang soci­ety and played sig­nif­i­cant rule in estab­lish­ing  indus­trial colony. He made tremen­dous effort in devel­op­ing hand­loom and power loom units.