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Narayan Hula­mani Foun­da­tion is emerg­ing as a socially active group of ded­i­cated peo­ple. Main aim of this Foun­da­tion is ref­or­ma­tion and erad­i­ca­tion of social evils. It is expand­ing its ser­vice in each and every phase of the soci­ety, it has response to sur­round­ing social­is­tic stim­uli like clean­li­ness, destruc­tion of poor­ity, enhanc­ing employ­ment, judi­cial use of nature resources, tech­nol­ogy ori­ented edu­ca­tion, con­trol­ling over dis­as­trous dis­eases etc. It has unique edu­ca­tional wings of its own. This enables sta­bil­ity in edu­ca­tion. Wings are namely Prism Empow­er­ing Mul­ti­me­dia, Ink & Paper Classes and Egnlish.comm